Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful as the Mist

The moon sings a long, long ballad
filled with flooded canyons of rare metaphors.
She hears black rivers rolling lost angel wings.
Her poets, how many thousand, pass through
her gates noticed and caressed. Darker
and darker...they are as beautiful as the mist.
Lorca, yes, how she remembers, she sobs,
    "hermoso como la niebla,"
Lorca, brave as a bullfighter, his red and gold
cape of words, he teased, taunted, used her
badly and she loved him more.
        !Ay, pero como
        los saeteros
        estan ciegos!
Oh God, how blind the archers were, the ones,
who cut him down.


  1. Lorca? I know his plays and his untimely death. Because of this intoxicating poem I will look for the rest!

    1. Yes, I have a friend who knew Lorca only as playwright (having lived in Spain).A great surprise to me, who knew him only as a supremely beautiful poet. :)

  2. A beautiful tribute, Lorna! I am not so very familiar with him (except for his name), but your metaphoric writing makes his voice sing for me.

  3. How lovely with the flooded canyons and black rivers. I have not read Lorca and obviously am missing out....I must investigate. A beautiful poem, Lorna.

  4. Lorna,

    You have captured your interest in Lorca very colourfully and lovingly.


  5. oh my, how lovely this is!

    this is my first time at your blog. i would love to invite you to submit some poetry to a new, up and coming, online womens magazine for which I've been named editor:

    thank you for sharing this lovely post!

    stacy lynn mar


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