Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picking Up Pieces 2

The stray objects,
little runaways
appearing around
here, a corner, there,
paper dolls dressed
in fine fabric left-over
and sewn with huge
stitches by a child.
They've been lost,
one searching for
an English garden,
rosy, walled, and safe,
another looking for
her book of dreams.
They spin away, rejecting
the journal home,
to be loved, but pressed
between fancy papers.


  1. thanks lorna...
    it's been a while since i left a note here...but i do stop by and read your words...
    it's always a nice stop...


    1. Thanks Laura,
      same for me. I enjoy your blog so much - the picture sof the moon in water - wow! thanks for your comment.


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