Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24th

Last night I saw the Island of Dreams,
at first immersed in a green haze,
then, as it moved toward me, releasing
a vision of a black beach, glowing wild blue
like the phosphorescent squid rising
in Toyama Bay. It is the time, this night
in May, lunar time, to chant
the Black Madonna, the gypsy
Sarah rises from the deepest
caves of memory with her hands
full of new creation.


  1. A tanka for you...

    May I May I May
    Sea me, enchantress, see me
    What words can I sing?

    If I only knew I would
    to the Black Madonna, chant


    1. Hi Jules,
      Thanks for gifting me with your Tanka. So full of rich intensity.


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