Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lion

Max leans his head back,
shuts his eyes
stretches his neck.
I saw, behind this cat,
Delacroix's drawing of a lion.

We share with that lion,
the terrible galactic
stuff of all of us,
the wind of life
creating from tiny
pieces of ancient stars,
a deep-down unity,
our warrior foot-hold,
forever in the wilderness.


  1. perfect pair...the lion drawing and your poem!
    i like this very much...especially being a Leo.

  2. great narrative - you propel the reader right into your poem!

  3. This is simply marvellous - the poetry felt in the brevity of expression and the universality of the moment. Gave me a good set of goosebumps as I got to the end.

  4. The poem really does go so well with the pic, nicely done.

  5. I like that sharing the wind of life ~ Lovely words to go with the picture ~ Happy day to you~

  6. So beautiful, the pieces of ancient stars, the unity, "our warrior foot-hold, forever in the wilderness." Wonderful writing!

  7. You have most truly captured the image within your very fitting and poetic words.



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