Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today at Tumalo Creek

I needed to hear the river
way out in the woods,
to slide deep into that flow
where rippling memories
flash in the sunlight.
The surprise of Queen Anne's Lace,
the flight of a Monarch, like laughter
jumping freely in the air,
both barely touching earth
before they are gone.
These tiny pieces of tapestry
are fresh, woven together
with me, all three of us
by the river.


  1. What a beautiful poem about the natural peace a special place like Tumalo Creek brings. Thank you for sharing this. I wanted to let you know that I have posted a link to this on the Facebook page for Stop the Drain, which is a group working to protect Tumalo Creek from a City project that threatens the Creek. You can find out more at

    1. Thanks. I love the river so much and I hope it isn't drained! How horrible.

  2. BEAUTIFUL. You took me there, for a moment out of time.

  3. Really beautiful and so easy to sense it! I like the imagery and detail you use - they bring it even closer.
    Best, Mariya Koleva

  4. Reminiscing by the river... Such lovely imagery you have here.

  5. So lovely! To slide deep into that flow and Monarchs...laughter in the air. You had me sitting on the bank dangling my toes in:-)

    1. Glad you had such a good time with it. Thanks..

  6. I loved this journey
    I too felt like I was there
    Beautiful : )

  7. beautiful had me relaxed...just flowing along...floating. love this!


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