Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Constructed Life

...a necessity after the glass
breaks, the crash,
the attack that left
shards of identity,
tiny shimmering icons,
a headless goddess
reaching for
the step-by-step
path, to slip over
dreaming thresholds.

The constructed life
with only a pale
inner sunlight on
art-covered walls.
We can build the dancing floor
from broken puzzles.
We can chant the soul's glory
protected here, dressed
in the caves stories
of endless rebirth.


  1. Oh, this is so sad...reflections on relationship gone terribly wrong...again and again and this space the sacred cave...for rebirth.

    Forgive me if my projections are way off...great writing, Lorna, very evocative of tribal drawings on stone walls in the end.

  2. Lorna,
    I too love the tribal feel of your poem. It is sad the earthly treasures seem to mean more~ Well Done!
    I love the ending :D

  3. I went so many different ways in thought when reading this... a broken relationship...trying to find oneself again when life has broken you...renewal and rebirth from brokenness. Great piece!

  4. "We can build the dancing floor
    from broken puzzles."

    And which of us has lived so untouched that we are not constructed? It is good to know that though something is changed forever, we can build again, and even dance. How I love this deceptively symmetrical poem!!

  5. I like the way you began on the ellipsis, which gave the reader pause to wonder what part of the narrative was missed. I thought this image to be particularly striking:
    We can build the dancing floor
    from broken puzzles... It left room for us to winder just how successful such an attempt would be.

    May I ask one thing? If you write for a RT prompt, please provide a link back to the original post on-site. Thank you for your participation.

    1. Hi Kerry, Thanks so much for your comment. I love the RT prompts. Please tell me what I didn't do to complete the connection. I really don't know, Thanks.

  6. I especially love "we can chant the soul's glory protected here".......hope amidst the darkness.

  7. shards of identity... that is very interesting and I love the idea of reconstructing the dance floor.


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