Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

Each one alone, running fast against time,
Past death, waiting with a heart of stone.
Past happy life, not guessing the days design.
Each one alone.

Pounding feet race along a killing zone
Where angels look away from the cruel crime.
Lovers, mothers, babies lose flesh from the bone.

The panning camera repeats blood and grime,
loss, tearing pain in everyone's home.
We are together; the agony mine.
Each one alone.


  1. So well done, Lorna.
    What a stupid, senseless crime.

  2. i didn't watch the news for days after hearing about this..just because i was so afraid to see the pics

  3. Heart-rending. I appreciate your reason for writing poetry - to keep our souls alive. Hear, hear!


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