Tuesday, April 30, 2013


right there, short stump
you slept all winter long—
so, tell me what's the point?
Life, I don't have a clue...
but I won't go to heaven
        without you.


  1. Marmots are so cute, Lorna.
    When my youngest brother was a young teen, just beginning to enjoy photography, he went camping with Mom and Dad and a group of their friends. Off in a field with his camera, he saw a marmot pop up from a hole, then disappear again. He crouched down, then lay flat, waiting for the marmot to come out again. While he was lying there with his camera, a group of Mom and Dad's friends came along, and every one of them said, "Hi, Rob!" and "Whatcha doin' there, Rob?" until he finally gave up.

  2. I know. There have to be animals in my heaven, too.


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