Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Storm

The grey sky gives way in chunks    
    to slate blue
while thunder gathers up its vague rumbles
    into louder cracking attacks.
On our porch, the cats wait with me
    ears up, facing west
believing perhaps that I
    can save them
or maybe just wanting to face fate
Dick, over by the garage
    making death threats
against the guy who invented
    plastic peanuts,
finally gives up,
    and goes inside to get warm.   
Late birds fly in to the feeders
    grabbing a last swinging meal,
then the vast thunderhead gets here,
    sending massive winds, tossing
the trees, flinging stinging debris
    across the yard closely
followed by hail and freezing rain.
    The cats have raced inside
by now, leaving me to figure it out
    for myself.

1 comment:

  1. My Grandma used to love a good storm and I must say, I am the same. In Tofino, the storms are fierce, the waves go wild and I am a happy camper! (I think your cats would hate it there!)


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