Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hagia Sophia

Arching walls, reaching so high—
    a petition to far off stars,
proportioned gold mosaic
    to lure Her, ensnare Her fast.
I am here, for immortality,
    to listen to endless prayers

All sad slaves, quarry and mines,
    all who are dead, like torn prayer flags
the beggars, helpless outside,
    uninvited, She stays with them.
The incense, in hora mortis
     nostrae, the smell of great fear.

How lovely, the music of day.
    Many thanks, Oh Emperor.
I am sorry, I couldn’t save you.
    She stays away in deep silence,
a pilgrim on an wide, white beach
    the wave, the gull, everything.

Three Sijo

Poetic Bloomings prompt - Personification

1 comment:

  1. Love "like torn prayer flags", and then those closing, enveloping, incredible closing lines. Wow! I so loved this.


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