Monday, May 1, 2017

Sijo for my Trip to West Virginia

 flying to West Virginia
            sun shining in Oregon
leaving the river willows
            waving vivid green at last
coming back home quickly
            Will the river wait for me?

friends still young in my heart
            growing greyer and mellow
flowing time etching fine lines
            in those dear happy faces
the sunny times of laughter
            halos in the soft, sweet evening

what will the parade be like?
            Morris dancers of Cornwall
ringing in West Virginia
            spinning around Maypoles
and me wearing the white horse
            high on my flowered hat

those glorious guys, the green men
            banjos, flutes and wild fiddles
ancient drums coming across time
            to West Virginia for May
Can the ghosts of ancestors
            fly there too and join the dance?           

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