Tuesday, April 26, 2022


heavier and heavier

the day is working 

up to rain

but I am remembering

glowing light

the touch

of an angel wing

netted sometime 

in the past

memory and invitation

the low solo line

of a native flute

Old Souls

 old souls inhabit us


and sometimes

    they party

Thursday, April 14, 2022


 the waitress 

    brings cups 

        of time

quiet and efficient


        for survivors

war consumes, hearts shatter

    but here

        in the diner

it's a question of

    sugar or no sugar

    toast or a muffin


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Blue Motorcycle

 I would ride a blue motorcycle

    across the continent

    on and on

    until I found Jerusalem

Neither here nor there

    where the angels are sitting around

    a planning committee, I guess

    coming and going into the light

Neither here nor there

All corporal I'd stand

    leaning a little

        on my blue motorcycle

    and I'd yell

        What the hell!


 as leaves are opening

grass beginning to shine

so many calls from birds

floating on the tide of Spring

now's the time to pull up anchor

to float on the waves

of a newborn sea


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Prayer Plant

                                                                        April 12, 2022

the prayer plant gasps for light

stretching, stretching this Holy Week

reaching for the window

cookbooks shelved in rows beneath her

but she’s no reader

she’s made up her mind

if she can

she’ll be an arrow 

shot straight

into the sun




Edge                                            4/1/22

huddled on what seems to be

the edge of the world

verging on night with canyons of stars

it’s a drop off

too vague to bridge

or even measure


surely a dream

seeming to be outside

but really, inside

forming for future



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