Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Feast of the Assumption (8/15/12)

Today six women sat on chairs, soft colored cushions
all under the juniper. Humming birds nearby worked
the flowers, echinacea, a hollyhock, the late roses.
All at tables with long soft cloths, homey settings,
and they ate what they brought, delicious quiche,
salads, fresh peach pie. The sun kept beyond the branches
as they drank clear water, coffee and chilled white wine
and they talked together about walking the labyrinth,
first blessed by Su, the right way, to the four directions,
and mother earth and father sky, then they each had
walked into the center for a Goddess, for some power
of women, loved or feared a little, the one each needed.
They talked in the garden, as women had forever,
as they do everywhere, staying a long time together,
in the perfection of their peaceful gathering.


  1. brought a little tear to my eye. i love the title

  2. Thanks. So amazed to find out it was planned on the same day! Miss you!

  3. What a beautiful gathering!I could see the jasmine hanging down and smell the yummy food!

  4. smiles....sounds like a cool conversation and meeting...and love the blend in of the spiritual as well....we all walk that labyrinth, our own labyrinth but occassionally we get to meet a few other travelers along the way...


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