Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Always, A Night Train

...howls out a tunnel,
as if compassed through
an artist's book, crafted
skillfully, layer upon layer.
Neon shock on black,
spells out the rhythm
of a giant mass beating
on iron track, ever louder
then diminishing, fast,
a miniature lifetime
passing through a junction.

Safe in my child’s bed,
it shrieked a warning to me,
piercing the acres of forest
and now it cuts over canyons
and circles buttes the same
sound, a long life line
this passing age of steel.


  1. What a vivid portrayal, I can almost hear the train reading your words. Wonderful!

  2. nice...really intense second stanza to this lorna...i like how you use the train in this...those trains pass fast...we have them but a moment...i love trains too..smiles.

  3. I would so love to hear the call of a train from bed. Sigh. I so long for a train ride.

  4. Howling, shock on black: wonderful, Lorna.

  5. Living within earshot of a train track that snakes along the Truckke river, this brought vivid images to me. The sound inspires poetry (I've written a few, too) and, to me, has a melancholic note to it.


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