Friday, April 26, 2013

it is true,
    I love the moon
but she has never said
    she loves me back

should I love the full moon
my heart could freeze
in her purple shadows

beware the blue hares
that run wildly
with the cold moonlit wind


  1. i love the movement, the image, the surreal ...


  2. Such a dreamlike evocation. But also, I should add, interesting, to divide each sijo line into a quatrain! This has made the sijo a touch more accessible to the reader. Well done!

  3. oo very cool...i like your line breaks in this as well, yet holding true to the essence of the form...nice switch up as well in the last...ha...the blue hares in the moonlit wind...very cool...

  4. Ooh! Gives me shivers. (The good kind.)

  5. Now that's the kind of experimenting with a form that I'm too scared to try - and it words so well. Beautiful imagery too.


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