Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Silver Wind of Sakai Hoitsu

Waves suspended
for so many generations,
art‘s hostages, forever
reaching for their beach.
This wild silver symphony
    for its final chord.

Mortals flow and change,
go into their unknown
bravely or weeping, they must.
pass across the earth
with the lovely grasses,
finishing far
    from art‘s still palaces.

How the great screens deny
time by catching and holding
oceanic change.  How satisfying
the wizard‘s power, the artist‘s
miraculous icon. An island
where we rest
    and consider immortality.


  1. The cycle of life and death....the greatest truth in the universe

  2. The poem feels almost like a proverb, like a truism -

  3. Sounds like an island worth visiting!

  4. This poem is stunning in its revealed truth - I especially love the island where the artist "consider(s) immortality". Brilliant.

  5. ... and consider immortality... that line alone forces this reader to ponder.

  6. Such a profound poem which takes me back to the many visits to the ocean, my favorite place, where infinity does seem possible. Beautiful write!


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