Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At The Sitka Workshop

trickster totem pole
under the Sitka Spruce
calling out artists' spirits

the world bowl wrapped
by coyote's tail...    we are coyote,
    and thieving blue jay       
    and brilliant raven—
    slug at the top
    festina lente
    if you can



festine lente = make haste slowly...
something our facilitator said a few times...


  1. A good one, Lorna. Wonderful linking of artists' spirits to coyote, jay, and raven.

    I first learned about Sitka from our mutual friend Randall David Tipton. Have you been resident there?

    1. No. I think it would be wonderful. The whole area has very lovely energy.

  2. "the world bowl wrapped by coyote's tail" - you KNOW how much I love that line! The workshop sounds amazing - Sitka Spruce, totem pole.....are you in my neck of the woods? I love what you write on your sidebar - about poetry keeping our souls alive. Exactly!

    1. The workshop is on the Oregon Coast - near Nestucca, by the mouth of the Salmon River. I live in the middle of the state - Bend, Oregon. I thought the pole was perfect for the artists and writers who come there -don't we "steal" fire from the world? aren't we such tricksters when you get down to it?


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