Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At Dudley's

red and orange
almost crystal, a chandelier
enjoying itself
    among used books
    loved and softened

verses flying
guys reading their poetry
muscle letting go
    no, not the phoenix Rilke
    women stunned at his feet

but skiing, hiking men
exhaling pondies and juniper
shaped by the Cascades
    land shaped poetry
    water cut, canyon poetry

in the full cafe
applause weaves us together
and coffee and chai
    laughing at the brightness of it
    nothing lonely, nothing dark


  1. You have painted a wonderful scene here - I love the whole idea of "canyon poetry"......and I can smell the chai.

  2. I WANT TO GO TO DUDLEY'S!!!! (love the last line. I'm a sucker for last lines.)


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