Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three Voice Renga

yard without birds

the air swept clean of sound

hunting hawk has cut through N.

alone on the icy bridge

the fast water almost black D.

Holy Mary carried

with the flow of chanting nuns,

rose over perfumed pine M.

rebirth in the laundry room

folding soft clean clothes N.

unseen critters of  the night

patient through the short, dark day

spider beginning her web D.

kitchen, catching the same mouse

basement, husband letting him go M.

short critter

knocking over the birdbath

dog tracks in the snow N.

fast moving hare, quail

iced-in boot print, skunk D.

raccoon's glowing eyes

thee young ones and a mother

taking leftovers        M.

sunlight on the torn bark

juniper's pink flesh, shining D.

in the dawn light

snow of many colors        N.

two collared doves

1 comment:

  1. This is a cool blend of voices. I had to smile at the wife catching the mouse and the husband letting it go.


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