Saturday, August 3, 2013

Marion's Group - Renga

On my morning walk
a grasshopper whirs up
over parched seedheads     M.D.

I watch the tree overhead
softly swaying in the breeze.     MvD

onto the car roof
sharp hail beats a tattoo
deer race to the woods     L.C.

Waterfalls roar
a mighty choral
in its own rhythm         M.vD.

Upturned roots of downed giants
so quiet now the forest     M.D.

peeping baby chicks
old hen drinks fresh water
a gentle rain-filled wind     LC

Autumn leaves fall
weep for the bare limbs     M.vD.

Outside the window
geese ready to fly south
a chilly moonrise         M.D.

rain covered windshield
stopping under a bridge     LC

lets change things
but how do we solve the riddle
of what we all want.         M.vD.

Slow the seasons change
it is all about water         M.D.

high-tailer running
sun melts the black asphalt
smells of tar and dust         LC

the higher branches
can not deny their roots     M.vD.

crossing stormy seas
the hungry hope of better
shades deep sorrow         M.D,

deer descend from the high ground
long nights are coming with them     LC

From my window
I see sun flowers tall regal
do they own all that they survey     M.vD
The houses along the river
wait for the day to come     M.D.

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