Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sandy's Group...Renga

juniper breeze
in afternoon shimmer
a beer bottle breaks            ST

the shatter of glass
against hot concrete            SB

nightfall, bats soaring
cutting through moon shadows
the trees hold still             LC

scissors in hand
sprained wrist keeps paper whole                  ST

paper must wait
to become a weathergram—
the art of healing            SB

iris ripped by rain
perfume lost to the storm                     LC

damp evening stillness
the porch swing barely squeaking
summer holds its ground                      ST

warmth still rising from earth
stars begin to cool the air                     SB

frogs across the field
singing to the Northern Star
this is the old path            LC

worn stone walkway, new home,
dust gusts from next cleared lot            ST

above the dust-swirls  
the vastness of sky             SB

yellow moon                
a misty ghost coyote
walking the canyon ridge              LC

the cloud's silence scoots
across scorched sky, highlighting
yesterday's breakup            ST

sun burns the horizon
this is how dawn comes                     SB

low clouds glowing
town lights reach the sky
a drunk heading home                        LC

young couple strolls, dog barks,
car backfires, night rolls on               ST

morning noises blend
sun silently follows
the arc of clouds             SB

she reaches for the golden butterfly
that flies freely across the field                   LC


  1. We ran two Renga "streams" for the gathering of our group One Breath Poets/Haiku Circle that you can find on Facebook. There is a discussion of Renga posted on our page, as well. This is so wonderful -to work with others, crisscrossing our inner and outer landscapes.

  2. These are steeped in mood and atmosphere, Lorna. I especially like the frogs stanza and "this is the old path".


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